Brooklyn, New York
United States



“Swallow” is about being trapped in an unhealthy situation or relationship and needing to escape.

I can’t imagine any other way I’d want this to go
Doing and redoing with the same outcome
I should have known
But hey, that’s what it’s all about
Insanity, they say it goes
Repeat your execution and expect different results
I’ve gone loco

So now you wag your finger like a teacher
To make me think I’m alone
Well don’t give me too much hope
‘Cause I just may get the wrong idea,
I know you know
I’m in time out, disregard your heart, I need to be taught
Oh how I’d love to cut the tension straight out the room

If you sever your ties, you will find that it’s alright
If you swallow your pride, you will find that it’s alright


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Fronted by a real-life nanny, Caretaker are a rock band from Brooklyn, formed from the ashes of several other popular Brooklyn bands. They deliver high-energy rock songs that make you want to dance just as much as punch a hole in your wall. Long after you’ve left the venue, their melodies will be stuck in your head and their memory burned in your mind.

Members: Erin Pellnat, Eva Lawitts, Alex Pulakos, Damian Sim, and Chris Krasnow

© 2017 Caretaker | Website by Damian | Band photo by Alex Joseph